Trombone Handslides

The slide tubing of S.E. Shires handslides is drawn in house, to precise tolerances. Our slides are then carefully assembled, aligned, and stress relieved to assure the smooth, trouble-free action that has become the hallmark of S.E. Shires trombones. Handslide models are specified by letters indicating instrument type (A = alto, T = tenor, B = bass) and crook width (no indication for standard, W = wide, B = bass crook), followed by bore size in inches (second two digits only), then tube material, weight, and crook material, if non standard.

Single bore slides have a clear sound and can be more articulate than dual bore. Examples include:

  • T47: .547-inch (large) bore tenor handslide with tenor crook—centered sound and feel

  • TW47: .547-inch (large) bore tenor handslide with wide crook—our most popular design, combines efficient feel and response with orchestral breadth of sound—very easy to adapt to any playing situation

  • TB47: .547-inch (large) bore tenor handslide with bass crook—for players desiring an expansive sound and feel

  • T25: .525-inch (medium) bore tenor handslide

  • TW25: .525-inch (medium) bore tenor handslide with wide crook

  • B62: .562-inch bore bass handslide

  • T85: .485-inch (small) bore tenor handslide

  • T00: .500-inch(small) bore tenor handslide

  • T08: .508-inch (small) bore tenor handslide

Single Bore Slides 

Dual Bore Slides 

Dual bore slides have an open sound and feel, require more air, and produce a larger sound compared to the upper-leg's single bore equivalent,. The first number indicates the bore of the upper leg of the slide; the second number the lower leg. Examples include:

  • B62•78: .562-.578 bore bass handslide     

  • TB47•62: .547-.562 bore tenor or small bass handslide

  • T25•47: .525-.547 bore tenor handslide

  • TW25•47: .525-.547 bore tenor handslide with wide crook

  • T08•25: .508-.525 bore tenor handslide

  • T00•08: .500-.508 bore tenor handslide

  • T85•95: .485-.495 bore tenor handslide

  • A85•95: .485-.495 bore alto handslide with tuning in crook

Slides with no additional markings are standard weight, with yellow-brass tubes, nickel-silver sleeves, and a nickel-silver crook. Other options are available:

  • LW: Lightweight—no sleeves—quicker response, more open, brilliant sound

  • N: Nickel-silver outer tubes—brilliant, articulate sound

  • G: Gold-brass outer tubes—warm sound, rounded articulations)

  • YC: Yellow-brass crook—warmer, rounder sound and articulations

For example: TB47NLW denotes a Tenor handslide with Bass (nickel silver)crook, .547-inch bore, and outer tubes made of Nickel-silver with no sleeves (i.e., lightweight)

Other Options