Policies and procedures:

A few key things to keep in mind regarding your Artist relationship with S.E. Shires.

  • S.E. Shires Artists belong to an international family of elite musicians across different genres of music who are active performers and/or teachers in the music industry.

  • S.E. Shires Artists are offered a presence on our company’s website and have access to our social media channels for further support.

  • S.E. Shires Artists incorporate S.E. Shires into their already successful careers as often as possible and share their love of the instrument they play with others.

  • S.E. Shires Artists should thank S.E. Shires for support and mention what model they play if given an opportunity during a clinic/recording/credits etc.

  • S.E. Shires Artists should regularly update the company with news pertaining to their careers (performances, teaching appointments, residencies, recordings, etc).  

  • S.E. Shires Artists have the privilege of receiving discounts on S.E. Shires products and services.

  • S.E. Shires Artists may be eligible to receive discounts on other products across the Eastman Music Company.  

  • S.E. Shires Artists  are promised our service and support related to their instruments and receive discounts on parts, labor, and additional components from the S.E. Shires factory.

  • S.E. Shires Artists are sometimes asked to participate in publications, stories, and social media produced by S.E. Shires.  

  • S.E. Shires does not pay artists to play their instruments and cannot guarantee financial support for events.  The type of event, destination, and the amount of advanced notice determines the amount of support S.E. Shires is able to offer for educational events.  

  • We understand that you may be courted by other instrument manufactures or may find other instruments interesting.  We ask that you keep lines of communication open with us and allow us to put our best foot forward. 

  • S.E. Shires expects our esteemed S.E. Shires Artists to uphold proper and dignified decorum when consulting with members of the public as well as music instrument dealers with whom Shires conducts business.

  • S.E. Shires Artists represent the unparalleled quality of our company and instruments with every performance and clinic that they give.  We’re honored to build the instrument that you choose to make your music with! Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have regarding the S.E. Shires Artist program, your instruments, opportunities for outreach, or information about the company!