Model TBALTSC-S.E. Shires Custom Series Alto Trombone

The unique A7YLW bell of the S.E. Shires Custom Alto Trombone combines the quick response and color of a one-piece bell with the centered feel and expansive tone of a two-piece bell. The bell’s yellow brass helps it to achieve a clear, pure sound with strong fundamental, while keeping a very consistent tone color and overtone structure throughout the range of dynamics.

  • A7YLW Bell: 7-inch, two-piece, hand-hammered bell in lightweight yellow brass with traditionally brazed seams and soldered bead
  • A85-95 Handslide: .485/.495-inch dual bore, standard-weight yellow brass, tuning-in-slide mechanism, nickel-silver crook
  • Three interchangeable yellow-brass leadpipes
  • Bell Engraving: S.E. Shires makers mark and traditional floral pattern
  • Includes S.E. Shires alto trombone case, mouthpiece, and care kit

Option (Rotary valve):

  • S.E. Shires rotary valve in B♭

With the addition of this upgrade, any S.E. Shires Custom Series Alto Trombone ordered can be outfitted with an S.E. Shires rotary Bb valve section. The advanced design of the S.E. Shires rotary valve features the sound characteristics of a traditional rotary valve combined with an unparalleled, even feel and open low register.