S.E. Shires Trumpets

S.E. Shires Co. fabricates, assembles, and finishes every trumpet onsite in its Massachusetts factory with meticulous care. Shires bells—known for their rich sound, easy response, and incredible projection—benefit from Steve’s decades of experience as a bell spinner and designer. Our valves, slides and tubing are tested thoroughly for a tight fit and perfect action at every stage of manufacture. Our components are sized, bent, and aligned with meticulous attention for tension-free assembly. This handcrafted approach to instrument construction ensures that the sound of every S.E. Shires trumpet displays incredible depth, complexity and character—giving the player an unrivaled sonic palette with which to work.     S.E. Shires makes beautiful instruments, built to last for many years.

Because players’ physical characteristics, ways of playing, and ideal sounds vary, S.E. Shires offers a broad selection of trumpet models and components. Our most popular models are listed on this site as standard models, accompanied by an alphabetical product code, e.g., TRAF. We also offer many options that can be used to customize those models further, or to come up with a completely different custom configuration. For more information about pricing or customizing a trumpet, please contact us by phone at 508.634.6805, or email at info@seshires.com.