S.E. Shires Trombones

S.E. Shires fabricates its bells, tubing, and valve sections onsite in its Massachusetts factory to exacting standards. The valve components are tested thoroughly for accurate tolerances and perfect action at every stage of manufacture. Shires draws its own slide tubes to precise tolerances, assembling them without tension, and aligning them carefully to assure smooth, trouble-free action that is second to none. This handcrafted approach to instrument construction also ensures that the sound of every S.E. Shires trombone displays incredible depth, complexity and character—giving the player an unrivalled sonic palette with which to work.

Because your physical characteristics and way of playing are as unique as your ideal sound, S.E. Shires designs trombones as a highly flexible component system. The descriptions found on this site represent general observations, which hold true for the majority of players. Components that may work well in one combination or for one player or situation may be poorly suited to others. More important than considering every possible combination is finding the combination that makes sense—and works best—for you.

Our most popular setups are listed on this site as Standard Models, accompanied by an alphabetical product code, e.g., TBBO. We offer options that can be used to customize those models or to come up with a completely different custom configuration. For more information about pricing or customizing a trombone, please contact us by phone at 508.634.6805, or email at info@seshires.com.