Shires Michael Davis Model Trombone Testimonial, Mark Eifler

After playing and owning all the different trombones in my lifetime, I have truly found my horn. Michael Davis told me that once I played this horn, I would never go back. Wow was he correct! I love the feeling I get when I play my Michael Davis model Shires trombone. It is so easy to play! The response, the pitch, the center and the evenness across the registers is truly amazing! It inspires me to practice! I feel like the only limit on this trombone is me! It indeed is an Incredible instrument not to mention the craftsmanship and workmanship to this beautiful trombone.

During the past three years, we at Castle High School have been a host for a few workshops and clinics for Eastman Shires. I can assuredly say that the Shires company is genuinely interested in serving student and seasoned musicians alike in any way possible. Their products are the top of the line and they seek to get their instruments out there for players to experience and give feedback back to the company.

The staff at Shires has been nothing but professional in dealing with our students and band program.
— Mark Eifler

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