Custom Series Alto Trombones

S.E. Shires Alto trombones feature a .485-inch bore, or .485/.495-inch dual-bore slide and a 7-inch bell, available in a full range of options and alloys. The bell taper is designed for a true and flexible alto voice, with focused clarity for the most delicate repertoire, but enough breadth of sound for a large orchestra. All S.E. Shires alto trombones come with a tuning mechanism incorporated into the handslide. This allows the bell to maintain a continuous taper, giving the instrument the same superior intonation found on all S.E. Shires instruments. The tuning-in-slide mechanism is light, secure, and easy to use. Particular attention has been given to the length of the handslide, allowing full use of all seven positions.  

Alto trombones are also available with the option for a Bb rotary valve.  The advanced design of the S.E. Shires rotary valve features the sound characteristics of a traditional rotary valve combined with an unparalleled, even feel and open low register.


S.E. Shires trombones are available with a variety of options for bells, leadpipes, and tuning slides. The models listed above feature our most popular combinations. For more information about customizing a trombone and Custom Series pricing, please contact a trombone specialist by phone at 508.634.6805, or email at