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S.E. Shires Co. fabricates, assembles, and finishes every trumpet onsite in its Massachusetts factory with meticulous care. Shires bells—known for their rich sound, easy response, and incredible projection—benefit from Steve’s decades of experience as a bell spinner and designer. Our valves, slides and tubing are tested thoroughly for a tight fit and perfect action at every stage of manufacture. Our components are sized, bent, and aligned with meticulous attention for tension-free assembly. This handcrafted approach to instrument construction ensures that the sound of every S.E. Shires trumpet displays incredible depth, complexity and character—giving the player an unrivalled sonic palette with which to work. S.E. Shires makes beautiful instruments, built to last for many years.

Because players’ physical characteristics, ways of playing, and ideal sounds vary, S.E. Shires offers a broad selection of trumpet models and components. Our most popular configurations are listed on this site as standard models, accompanied by an alphabetical product code, e.g., TRAF. These configurations (and only these configurations) ship with case and mouthpiece included. We also offer many options that can be used to customize those models further, or to come up with a completely different custom configuration; for customized instruments, cases and mouthpieces are available for purchase separately. For more information about customizing a trumpet, please contact us by phone at 508.634.6805, or at
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Q Series Trumpets
We understand not every musician may be ready for a Shires custom instrument or may find those costs prohibitive, so the development of the Q Series with Eastman allows the best aspects of our custom instruments to be at a very affordable price; certainly worthy of the Shires name.
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Artist Models
Over the years, Steve Shires has had the privilege of working with some of the world’s top brass players to design instruments. Our artist models allow you to purchase these same custom configurations for yourself.
Visit S.E. Shires Trumpet Artist Models Page
S.E. Shires Trumpets - B-flat Trumpet Photo  
B-Flat Trumpets
S.E. Shires Co. began building trumpets several years ago at the personal request of Doc Severinsen. Still the horn that Doc loves most, our B-flats have since also become a favorite among top players in all genres—from lead and commercial players to classical soloists, chamber musicians, members of some of the world’s leading bands and orchestras. Our standard model B-flats are available in .459-inch bore.
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C Trumpets
The team at S.E. Shires Co. has benefitted from a close relationship with some of the world’s leading orchestral players and soloists to develop its C trumpets. With a sound rivaling the most sought after vintage instruments, our C trumpets boast incredible consistency, intonation, and ease of playing. Available standard in .462-inch bore, we offer models that will excel in orchestral, chamber, and solo performance.
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S.E. Shires Trumpets - E-flat Trumpet Photo  
E-Flat / D Trumpets
S.E. Shires trumpets in E-flat and D share the best characteristics of our models in B-flat and C without jeopardizing sound, intonation, or feel. They are available with interchangeable, tuning bells for both keys (or either key, if only one bell is desired), with matching first- and third-valve slides for each tuning.
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Piccolo Trumpets
All S. E. Shires trumpets feature a one-piece, hand-hammered bell with a traditionally brazed seam, hand-lapped Monel pistons, and the careful assembly and handcrafted methods that the S. E. Shires Company proudly embodies with its slogan: Quality without compromise.™
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Trumpet Mouthpieces
Inspired by the finest examples of some of the best vintage trumpet mouthpieces, S.E. Shires is pleased to offer its own designs, made for us in the U.S.A. exclusively by Pickett Brass.
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