S.E. Shires Custom Trumpets
The S. E. Shires Company announces the introduction of a new line of Trumpets built entirely in our Massachusetts factory. The S. E. Shires Company’s trumpet designs are based on careful study of many current and historical models, as well as many years of experience customizing instruments for professional players. S. E. Shires trumpets combine the easy playability, faultless intonation, and consistent response over the range of the instrument of the most modern trumpet designs, with a complexity of sound surpassing that of some of the most prized vintage instruments.

B-Flat Trumpets

The S.E. Shires B-Flat Trumpet combines the rich and unique sound of a traditional construction one-piece bell, with the even response and intonation created by its superior design.

Doc Severinsen Destino III
B-Flat Models
Custom B-Flat Models

C Trumpets

Meeting the demands of the modern trumpeter, the S.E. Shires C Trumpet offers the player a wide variety of options, allowing the individual to select the perfect instrument for any situation.

C Trumpet Models

Custom C Trumpet Models

E-Flat / D Trumpets

The S.E. Shires E-flat / D trumpet features several unique design elements that deliver intonation, facility, core, and projection to a degree unmatched by other tunable-bell trumpets.

Custom E-Flat / D Models





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