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S.E. Shires fabricates its bells, tubing, and valve sections onsite in its Massachusetts factory to exacting standards. The valve components are tested thoroughly for accurate tolerances and perfect action at every stage of manufacture. Shires draws its own slide tubes to precise tolerances, assembling them without tension, and aligning them carefully to assure smooth, trouble-free action that is second to none. This handcrafted approach to instrument construction also ensures that the sound of every S.E. Shires trombone displays incredible depth, complexity and character—giving the player an unrivalled sonic palette with which to work.

Because your physical characteristics and way of playing are as unique as your ideal sound, S.E. Shires designs trombones as a highly flexible component system. The descriptions found on this site represent general observations, which hold true for the majority of players. Components that may work well in one combination or for one player or situation may be poorly suited to others. More important than considering every possible combination is finding the combination that makes sense—and works best—for you.

Our most popular setups are listed on this site as Standard Models, accompanied by an alphabetical product code, e.g., TBBO. These configurations (and only these configurations) ship with case and mouthpiece included. We offer options that can be used to customize those models or to come up with a completely different custom configuration; for customized instruments, cases and mouthpieces are available for purchase separately.
S.E. Shires Trombones - Q Series Trombone Models Header  
Q Series Trombones
We understand not every musician may be ready for a Shires custom instrument or may find those costs prohibitive, so the development of the Q Series with Eastman allows the best aspects of our custom instruments to be at a very affordable price; certainly worthy of the Shires name.
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S.E. Shires Trombones - Artist Trombone Models Header  
Artist Models
Over the years, Steve Shires has had the privilege of working with some of the world’s top brass players to design instruments. Our artist models allow you to purchase these same custom configurations for yourself.
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S.E. Shires Trombones - Alto Trombone Header  
Alto Trombones
S.E. Shires Alto trombones feature a .485-inch bore, or 485/.495-inch dual-bore slide and a 7-inch bell, available in a full range of options and alloys. The bell taper is designed for a true and flexible alto voice, with focused clarity for the most delicate repertoire, but enough breadth of sound for a large orchestra.
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S.E. Shires Trombones - Small Bore Tenor Trombone Header  
Small-Bore Tenor Trombones
S.E. Shires small-bore tenor trombones are designed for players who love the flexibility and clarity of a small bore and also want a rich sound that will project well at all dynamics. A wide array of bell, slide, and tuning slide options allow the player to choose a perfect fit.
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S.E. Shires Trombones - Large Bore Tenor Trombone Header  
Large-Bore and Medium-Bore Tenor Trombones
Orchestral tenor trombones were the first instruments that Steve produced, which quickly cemented his reputation as one of the leading brass instrument designers. Players the world over have discovered that Shires orchestral tenors excel in large ensemble settings—their wonderful resonance and response also makes them ideal for chamber music and solo performance.
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S.E. Shires Trombones - Bass Trombone Header  
Bass Trombones
The S.E. Shires line of bass trombones offers a wide range of options for all types of bass trombone playing. Both single- and dual-bore handslides are available, along with two different customizable bell tapers. These can be used with single valve sections or with double valve sections in either dependent or independent configurations.
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S.E. Shires Trombone Tuning Slides  
Trombone Valve Sections
Because an airtight valve is essential to quick response and centered feel in all registers—and many valve options on the market do not meet our pressure-test standards—S.E. Shires chooses to produce all of our valves in house. We thoroughly test for tight fit and perfect action at every stage of manufacture.
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S.E. Shires Trombone Bells  
Trombone Bells
All S.E. Shires bells are handcrafted in our factory using traditional techniques. Shires bells—known for their rich sound, easy response, and incredible projection—benefit from Steve’s decades of experience as a bell spinner and designer.
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S.E. Shires Trombone Handslides  
Trombone Handslides
The slide tubing of S.E. Shires handslides is drawn in house, to precise tolerances. Our slides are then carefully assembled, aligned, and stress relieved to assure the smooth, trouble-free action that has become the hallmark of S.E. Shires trombones.
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S.E. Shires Trombone Tuning Slides  
Trombone Tuning Slides
S.E. Shires trombone tuning slides are engineered with a unique, smooth, double-radius design. They combine the best characteristics of single- and double-radius tuning slides in terms of timbre, response, and intonation. Tuning slide models are specified by letters indicating instrument type, material, taper, and whether the slide crook is seamed or unseamed.
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S.E. Shires Trombone Leadpipes  
Trombone Leadpipes
The leadpipe is the first point of contact with the player after the mouthpiece. It plays an important role in determining the overall feel and sound of the instrument. The diameter of the venturi, the material of the pipe and its length all have a significant effect on the instrument's playing characteristics.
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S.E. Shires Trombone Mouthpieces  
Trombone Mouthpieces
We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Picket Brass in developing an improved line of S.E. Shires trombone mouthpieces, made in the U.S.A. Please check back soon for more details.
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