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Welcome to the new website of S. E. Shires Custom Brass Instruments.  It’s been quite some time since we have overhauled our website, and it was past due.  I’m pretty excited about it – the look of it, the layout and ease of use, but more importantly of course, the content.  Information on our trombones and trumpets is more up to date and I hope more descriptive.  We have an expanded FAQ section to answer some new questions about purchasing a Shires brass instrument.  There is also an area where we will include a list of upcoming events such as trade shows we are attending and schools at which we will be exhibiting our instruments.

One new aspect of the site is a list of Shires Artists.  On our original website we downplayed the promotion of musicians that have chosen to play our instruments, because it was my belief that Shires instruments should be able to stand on their own.  Of course, we find ourselves frequently being asked the question “who plays on Shires trumpets/trombones?”  And we always say “Lots of people”, and rattle off the names of well known  jazz artists and musicians in top orchestras around the world that have chosen our instruments. 

More recently, however, we have heard from dealers that may not have committed to memory the roster of “Shires Artists”.  Customers will come into their shop, try out all the brands of brass instruments they offer, and  choose  the Shires instrument as the best.  But they hesitate, as they may not be as familiar with the Shires name, especially in the trumpet world.  Purchasing a new instrument is a major investment, and can be a difficult choice.  It is only natural to be curious about who else plays Shires, and what models they picked.  Players, especially students, are always growing, improving, and changing in the way they play and what they want, and the instruments chosen by the performers they most admire can be an excellent starting point for their own choice. 

So, we have our new Shires Artist page.  It includes a wide list of great brass players that play Shires, and, as possible, the model they have chosen.  We will also be uploading audio and audio/visual files of these players so you can hear how they sound on their equipment.  We are very proud of the artists that have chosen to play Shires, and I think you too will be impressed at how our instruments have become a part of the amazing music they produce.

If you are a Shires artist who would like to be included on our Shires artist list, please let us know.  We don’t want to overlook anybody.  We also have many great professional players currently auditioning our instruments, so check the site frequently in the coming months to see who else has chosen to play Shires.  I think we are most proud of the statement from one soon-to-be Shires artist: “I could tell from the first note”. 

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