S.E. Shires Custom E-flat / D Trumpets
$3,395 E-flat
$3,795 E-flat / D

All S.E. Shires trumpets feature a one-piece, hand-hammered bell with a traditionally brazed seam, hand-lapped Monel pistons, and the careful assembly and handcrafted methods that the S.E. Shires Company proudly proclaims with its slogan, Quality without Compromise.

Shires E-flat trumpets feature several unique design elements that deliver intonation, facility, core, and projection to a degree unmatched by other tunable-bell trumpets. The availability of different interchangeable bell weights and treatments allows the player to assemble an instrument—or instruments—to meet musical demands ranging from the most delicate chamber music to the largest orchestral repertoire.

All of our E-Flat trumpets feature a medium-large, standard-weight valve cluster, fixed leadpipe, and tunable bell. An optional D bell and valve slides are available.

Terry Everson
International Trumpet Soloist

Model 6MS8 / Y6H

“The staff at Shires wouldn’t rest until we’d found the best solution, with no compromise in sound quality or intonation.  Everything I asked for they were able to deliver; I’d recommend Shires Trumpets to anyone!”

Bell Tapers

6 Focused, brilliant sound great for all musical settings

Bell Weights and Treatments

MS8 Medium Weight, Steel Bead Wire
F French Bead

*all Eb bell options are availabe as bells pitched in D.


Our leadpipes are defined by several characters stamped on the mouthpiece receiver. The first letter refers to the shape of the taper, the second character is the last digit of the venturi size, and the last character denotes the weight. Our most popular options are detailed below.

Y6H Effecient and clear, with great center and brililance.
W7H Broad and powerfull, without sacrificing center or projection.

Because every player is unique, S.E. Shires offers a wide variety of options, allowing the player to create a custom instrument to suite their needs. For more information, please contact our sales professionals by phone at (508) 634-6805, or email at

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Andrew Balio
Principal Trumpet, Baltimore Symphony

Model 6MS8 / Y6H

"Steve Shires builds trumpets for me because he is one of the very few makers who truly custom makes premium instruments around my specific preferences in sound and playability"

Vince DiMartino
Trumpet Soloist, Educator, and Clinician

Model 6MS8 / Z02

"I believe that Shires Trumpets are the best trumpets I have ever played. I look forward to performing and practicing more than ever! Every aspect of the instrument seems to conform to the sound I hear in my head in every style in which I perform. Isn’t that what we all dream about! "

Robert Smith
Principal Trumpet, Florida Orchestra

Model 6F / W7H

“I think that what I'm experiencing with these instruments is something extraordinary -- in other words, I feel like screaming: These are the best damn trumpets I've ever played!” 

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