S.E. Shires Model 502 C Trumpet

The Model 502 was developed in collaboration with Boston‐based soloist and trumpet phenomenon Terry Everson. Our most nimble standard model C trumpet, it features a light bell treatment for incredible agility and ease of playing, and a long, efficient leadpipe that provides clear articulations and full, rich, sound that will last for the duration of long concerts or recitals. This model has become a favorite with soloists as well as members of brass quintets and other chamber players.

• "5" bell flare, one-piece yellow brass, standard weight
• "W9HL" leadpipe, superior intonation with firm, yet flexible slotting and easy response. 349" venturi
*** also available with a standard length W9H leadpipe
• "W" tuning slide, strong core, presence of sound, and distinct attack

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“I needed a C trumpet that would allow me to play the most challenging solo repertoire with the greatest physical ease so I could just make music.  The staff at Shires wouldn’t rest until we’d found the best solution, with no compromise in sound quality or intonation.  Everything I asked for they were able to deliver; I’d recommend Shires Trumpets to anyone!”

-Terry Everson

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